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Our First Ever Vacation in Hawaii

I told my wife that I really wanted to visit Hawaii someday. We have been working hard since we were young. We have forgone many a vacation to meet budgets and to pay for expenses that kind of pop up. As we went along in our careers, we became more successful. We still didn’t take the time to go on any of those vacations we talked about when we were younger Then the name of Hawaii Big Island luxury places to stay came up in conversation, and my wife decided to plan a vacation for us. She picked a beautiful place in Hawaii for us to stay at.

I never knew that I would like the islands so much.


Two More Things off My Bucket List

When my friends told me about one of those escape rooms that is in London, I immediately wanted to go. I had never been to one before, but I had heard about them. I do admit that I had a bit of an ego about it too because I figured that I would be able to solve any puzzle or riddle thrown my way. So many others wanted to go too, and we decided to look into a Platinum party bus rental in Toronto and see if it would be affordable if we all chipped in an even amount.

I was able to find a lot of really cool looking buses on their website.


We Have a Big Night out Every Year

This started out as a small thing a few years ago, but it has spiraled out of control in some ways. It began when some of my friends and I got out of college, we went out and celebrated with a kind of a pub crawl. Of course we decided to make it an annual affair, but each year it got bigger. This year we have been thinking about adding a party bus, since there are about three dozen people involved. We went to this web site, and tried to get them to give us a price on what it would cost us. Of course this is one of those things where it would obviously be a whole lot of money for one person to pay for, in fact it would be way too much money. However when you figure on every person paying an equal share and there are just under forty people to contribute, then it does not seem like that big of a deal.