International Air Travel Tips

Flying around the world might be easy and hassle-free if you remember some of the international tips for air travel. Early arriving and ensuring about the correct documents is necessary. Additional tips for making the trip smoother comprise receiving wanted seat assignments, converting some dollars to the local currency prior departing, and gaining benefits of the facilities accessible to the business class plus the first-class passenger, if possible.


Correct documentation is necessary for any of the international trip. You are just not permitted to enter the airplane lacking it. Almost each and every international destination at present requires carrying of legal passport. Additionally, several countries necessitate having visa – authorization to go in the country, which is embossed directly in the passport. Few countries too need a fitness document that shows your recent inoculations.

Ensure allowing sufficient time for new passport processing if needed. The standard rotate time via mail takes four to six weeks. Take more time if you require visa for the trip since you should have passport initially in order that visa can be stamped in the passport.

Plan Early when Possible

The greatest seat with the greatest airfares nearly always goes to the people making their reservations in advance. In peak travel time, like summer of Europe, vacation travel, and particular events, like Paris Air Show or Paris Fashion Week, it is not possible to travel if not planned in advance.

The exemption in this regulation is end minute discounted fares that various airlines, like United, American, or Continental place on the websites. Only few selected city pairs get offered every week, if there.

Air Travel Restrictions

The 11September, 2001 events have initiated enlarged America’s airport security, particularly for overseas travelers. For a stress-free security check, ensure arriving as a minimum of two hours before the international flight. You must check the recent restricted items list on Transportation Security Administration website.


8 Ideas for Smooth Family Travel

As a busy parent, you deserve some rest and relaxation. Here are 8 tips to help you derive the most enjoyment from your next family vacation.

Start planning now – the earlier the better.When you research your destination in advance, you’ll spend less money, and you’ll probably have a more relaxing time, too. Spend time as a family researching your destination using print travel magazines as well as online sources and guidebooks.

  1. Let your kids in on it.Ask each of your children to choose a few things to see or do on this vacation, as well. When kids are invested in planning the trip, they take more responsibility and, ultimately, derive more enjoyment from the trip.
  2. Take your time. Try hard not to cram too many activities in any single day, especially if you have young kids. Children need downtime, especially when they are away from their normal routine, so schedule time for resting between events. Plan to return to the hotel for a brief nap or quiet time before going to dinner, for example.
  3. Don’t over-pack.Everyone will enjoy the trip more if you travel light. As long as you’re not embarking on a super long trip, kids who are grade-school age and over can probably be responsible for carrying their own suitcases or duffels. And, if they are seasoned travelers, you may be able to trust them to pack it, as well. We hand our children each a checklist and away they go. We check to make sure they have everything they need, but it’s nice for them to make their own choices and be included in the process of preparing to leave on the family trip.
  4. Bring things to do during downtime.You might reserve a special bag of goodies and activities that you bring out only when the kids find themselves bored and restless, perhaps when they are waiting for a connecting flight or for the multitude of other delays that can occur on a vacation. Here’s what’s in our “emergency bag”: a deck of playing cards, a few dice, a book of mazes, a small set of colored pencils and a book of intricate designs to color, that even my older children are captivated by. You’ll also want such a bag of “emergency snacks,” which includes nuts and other forms of lean protein.
  5. Try to stick to your routine as much as possible.Don’t stray too wildly from the kids’ ordinary bedtimes, for example. And eat at normal times. Kids are so much more even-tempered when their sleep patterns and blood sugar levels stay on an even keel.
  6. Consider the help of modern technology.While you’ll probably want to put limits on these types of entertainment sources when you’re paying an arm and a leg to see new parts of the country and the world, a well-timed (albeit brief) dose of portable DVD player, iPod, or Game Boy can help weary traveling parents in untold ways.
  7. Stay open-minded.You want to have a fairly set itinerary, and you want to keep your routines fairly predictable, but the ultimate goal is to have a refreshing, rejuvenating vacation where everyone is able to lighten up, be flexible, and have fun. Start each day by reminding yourself of this simple truth, and have a great trip!

How to Beat Jet Lag for Good

Air travel can be a lot of fun, but also it can be very tiring. A common thing people experience after air travel is this phenomenon called jet lag. Jet lag is where your body and mind feels tired and out of sync with the local time zone. One of the causes of jet lag happens when you cross through various time zones and because of that your body’s time clock is not adjusted to the new time zone yet. So for example when you reach to your destination overseas to a new time zone, day time there maybe your late night of your home country, so your body may feel tired because it still thinks it is night time.

Having massive jet lag is not fun and actually may ruin your trip if it is not attended to properly. Here are some quick and effective air travel tips to beat jet lag.

Tip #1: Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol and caffeine on the plane

While on the plane you may be tempted with all the wide range of alcoholic and caffeinated drinks available, but do not give in on them! Reason is that these drinks will cause dehydration in your body, and especially with the dry air in the plane, this will multiply the effect. Dehydration of your body has been found to be linked with making jet lag worse! Therefore drink as much water as you can so that your body stays nice and hydrated while on the plane.

Tip #2: Sleep as much as you can on the plane

One of the easiest tricks to beating jet lag is to sleep as much as you can on the plane. This will help in adjusting your body to the new time zone difference and providing your body with ample rest. If you do have trouble sleeping on the plane, then there are various sleeping aides you can take to help you sleep. However before you start taking sleeping aides, it is best to consult your local doctor for their expert advice.

Tip #3: Don’t be tempted to sleep during the day at your destination

When you arrive at your destination, usually the first two days you will feel the most jet lagged. With that you will start feeling tired during odd times of the day such as in the late morning, or late afternoon. Do not give in and sleep during these times of the day.

You must push yourself to force your body out of your old time zones and stay awake until it’s the evening when it is proper for a night’s rest. One way to keep your body pumped up for the day is to do some regular exercises and stretches. This will help keep your blood circulating and help to keep your mind focused.

Jet lag can be a drag to your vacation. It can ruin your vacation by causing your body to feel tired and out of sync with the world. However if you follow the above three simple but effective air travel tips to cope with jet lag, then you should be able to beat it within the first two to three days of landing at your destination.


Family Travel Tips And A Transportation Idea

Either a family trip in a vehicle you own or rent can provide many possibilities not offered by plane and rail. Most families have a car or van, but motor homes are available at very affordable prices. They have coverage through cheap insurance companies included in the rental package along with roadside assistance. In either case, the following are a few tips on provisions for adults, children and pets.

Entertainment for children can include storybooks for the little ones with plenty of pictures to captivate their imaginations and keep them settled down. Hand held games keep older children occupied while in route and help pass the time until reaching your destination. Play some group games for everyone such as the old favorites or make up some new ones as you go.

Pets are members of the family, too, and they have needs that include food, water and a few essentials. Take a leash for walking them in the parks, and some comfortable bedding to sleep on at night. Pet treats go well with the plan for traveling snacks so they do not eat up all of the human stash. Keep in mind they typically need restroom breaks more often, and plan your stops at convenient rest areas.

Travel snacks for non-canine and non-feline members are safest when drinks have screw on lids. Food items that are dry like chips and crackers or trail mix are easier to clean up if a spill happens. Natural dried fruits and veggies, even cookies made with these ingredients make an interesting snack item for traveling that is healthy and delicious. A hand held car vacuum could prove invaluable.

Clothing depends entirely on your destination. If traveling from lower altitudes during warm weather months, you will need cool wear. However, if the destination is the high Rocky Mountains each family member should have at least one windbreaker. Extra blankets can serve as wraps if the temperatures drop drastically. Some locations offer laundry areas, but in case there are no machines, pack easy care treated clothing to shed loose dirt.

One of the best things about RV traveling is having most of the comforts of home right there along with you. It is easy to find a list of RV and State parks to plan your itinerary before leaving home. For people who have their own RV, they can still find cheap insurance companies to provide the travel insurance needed.


5 Steps Travel Planning to Success

When you are embarking on a travel, the planning is the most important thing you need to do. You have to make sure everything is in order. Even the best things-the best vacation destination, the best hotel, etc.-can be of no avail if you have planned incorrectly.

Here is a travel planning guide you can use. It tells you of a systematic approach to plan your travel, which ensures you have a great time.

Research for the Destination

Where will you be going? This is the first thing you need to decide. The destination should be something that everyone in your party wishes to visit. That makes the vacation more enjoyable. It is great if there’s someone in the party who has visited the destination before, but if not, you need to get as much information as possible. Every popular vacation destination has a tourist website of its own, which is mostly run by the government of the place. Take some time out to research for your options through this website. Get somewhat acquainted with what kind of place it is-conservative or liberal as regards tourists, what kind of food you will get there, the climate, the appropriate dress to wear, the language to speak, etc.

What to Visit

Most people think about the hotel first and then what they would want to visit. This is the wrong way to go about it. First, you must draw up a list of the attractions the place has and then decide which of these you want to visit. Then you must chart out your route, or you could even call it your itinerary. This helps make more focused plans.

The Accommodation

Once you have the places you want to visit listed, you must look for accommodation in the nearby areas. This reduces the hassle and the cost of inner-city traveling. For accommodation, the Internet is your best guide. Every hotel worth its name has a website and you can book from there. Don’t underestimate the power of travel directories either. They will give you good comparative rates of different local hotels from which you can choose the one you like best. You can also read reviews here.

The Travel

You need to make your travel arrangements. Choose the mode you will need to, or like to, take-flight, rail, road, ship, whichever. Then see what dates are available. Getting tickets could be a problem if the place is very popular and it’s the peak season. That’s the reason why you should book travel and accommodation simultaneously, after finding out what options you have with both of them. Also, there are various websites that can give you great packages for travel and accommodation together, with goodies such as sightseeing trips thrown in.

Other Necessaries

Inner city travel is an important thing to book beforehand, or you should at least know what options you have. If the party is big, it makes sense to hire a private vehicle. Otherwise, you must find out about how you can use the local public transport. Also, find out about what sightseeing trips, cruises, adventure packages, etc. the place has. Book anything you want to check out, especially if it is very popular. Try to do your travel planning beforehand which ensures a relaxing time during the entire trip.



Budget Family Travel Tips

Due to the current economic crisis, it has become difficult to spend money on holidays, especially on traveling. With the increase in price of air tickets and hotel accommodation, it is time to ensure that you plan your holiday budget in such a way that you look for ways to save money.

Budget Family Travel Tips:
The following tips can be useful for strategizing a budget for your travel:

Save your restaurant expenses: You can save a lot by doing your own cooking during a holiday. However, this possible only if you stay in a vacation cottage. Remember, eating in restaurants can turn out to be extremely expensive.

Discounts in hotel reservations: Look out for hotels that offer discounts in reservations. Always ask before making your hotel reservations. Remember, hotels may offer discounts when there is a lower rate of reservations for rooms.

Online discounts: The Internet has always been a useful tool in searching for hotels offering discounts and discounts in air tickets. If you are travelling abroad, make sure you do an online search for airlines that offer attractive discounts on air-tickets.

Cutting down on gasoline expenses: Expenses on gasoline are inevitable if you plan on taking a self-driving holiday. Try driving away from the highway. Gas stations on most highway may cost you more than those in smaller towns and rural areas. Always look for shortcuts and fill your car from stations that are located away from the highway.

Stay away from the hotel minibar: Mini bars in hotels are known for their excessive pricing on beverages and foods. Try taking your own snacks and foods when you are staying in a hotel. This will save you a lot of money.


17 Ways to Enjoy a Road Trip

Whenever one of my friends returns from some time away, I ask: “Was it a vacation – or was it just a trip?”

When traveling with kids, true vacations are pretty hard to come by. With the packing, the car seats, the change in sleeping schedules, and all the inevitable whining that comes along, it would be way easier to stay home (especially when traveling by car.)

And yet traveling is important. When we travel, we open to a world that was previously unknown to us. We touch other cultures and other ways of life; we broaden our own perspectives and understand, finally, that our small problems are just that.

When we travel with kids, we open their eyes to all of this and more. Even when we take a simple trip to visit distant relatives, we show them a world of love that they may not had known existed.

Here are eighteen tips to help you enjoy road trip traveling with your kids.

Before the trip:

  1. Use online trip-planning websites to locate kid-friendly parks, historic monuments, and other attractions in advance. Plan at least one kids’ activity each day, even on those driving days. Involving your kids in the planning of your vacation will help them to get excited about the trip, too.
  2. When you are doing your research and booking your destination, consider an all-inclusive resort. These types of arrangements (in which your lodging, dining, attractions, and activities are included) can really help you relax and enjoy your precious vacation time.
  3. Have each child pack their own small backpack with the books, workbooks, and activities that they most want to bring.
  4. Have a kid-friendly travel map on hand, as well as a pair of binoculars.
  5. Consider buying or borrowing a portable DVD player. We only get ours out on long trips, but it has been really helpful, especially if you are traveling very long distances.
  6. Get each child a special book of games, puzzles, or simple coloring books, just for the drive, along with some washable markers.
  7. Bring some music that everyone will enjoy singing along to. We love our CD of old campfire songs. You can even create your own CDs of family favorites.
  8. Bring a Frisbee or a football for when you stop at a park. You want to help your kids burn some energy in a reasonable amount of time.
  9. Pack healthy low-mess snacks, such as nuts, trail mix, apples, energy bars, and bottled water. A package of baby wipes often comes in handy for little messes in the car, too.
  10. Pack a journal and a disposable camera for each child, so that they can document the trip in their own way. These items can be gift wrapped and given to the kids as you need a diversion from boredom or sibling arguments.
  11. Make sure to talk about your vacation like it is the ultimate adventure. The enthusiasm that you bring to the prospect of piling into the car will help in untold ways.

In the Car

  1. If you can, do as much traveling as possible while your kids are sleeping. Of course, safety is paramount. If you find yourself getting at all sleepy, pull over and switch with your spouse or find a hotel.
  2. If you don’t like to drive at night, or you are driving through countryside that you would like your children to see in the daylight, make sure you leave plenty of travel time. Plan on a maximum of seven hours of driving per day. Get up early, drive a bit, and then check into your hotel in the mid afternoon and enjoy the swimming pool. Have a nice, relaxed dinner and leisurely check out some local sites in the evening.
  3. While driving during the day, plan to stop at least every hour and a half. Stretch, take some bathroom breaks, and remember that getting there is half the adventure.
  4. Finger knitting really helps my kids to pass the time. All you need is a ball of yarn. There is no mess and you can find simple instructions online by doing a Google search for “Finger Knitting.” During our last car trip, we all arrived at our destination with lovely pink finger knitted scarves.
  5. During a routine fuel stop, ask each child to choose five or six postcards that they can send to their friends. Make sure to bring your address book and postage stamps so you can mail them on the way.
  6. Allow one child to be the “navigator” each day. The navigator looks at the map and gives recommendations on where to stop for snacks, gas, and meals.


Family Travel Tips to Smooth the Road

Any parent knows the headaches that can occur while traveling with the kids. From bathroom breaks every 30 minutes to sibling rivalry flare-ups; bringing the children on a road trip can really test the patience of even a saint. However, with a little advanced planning and some easy family travel tips, many of these travel pains can be minimized.

One of the most important family travel tips is to simply relax. Nothing ever goes completely as planned when on a trip, and bringing the kids only adds additional stress when things go awry. Even seemingly benign set backs can cause major outbreaks of crying and screaming from tired, road-weary children. And because children naturally look to their parents when gauging the seriousness of a given situation, if you’re exhibiting signs of stress, this will inevitably be magnified by the children.

For a child, nothing makes a car ride seem longer than having nothing to do but look out the window. And if you’re a parent, nothing makes a trip seem longer than a bored and unruly child. This being the case it is vital to bring a variety of entertainment when traveling with small children. Books, games, DVD’s, and anything else that can be used as a distraction will make a long road trip go by much faster for both the parent and the child.

An often overlooked aspect of family travel tips is choosing the right time to do your traveling. When possible, traveling at night is often the best idea, as most children will simply fall asleep within a short period of time on the road. If you must travel during the day, arranging your travel time around regularly scheduled naps is an excellent idea as it can provide at least a few hours of quiet while driving.

Ensuring you have plenty of time to travel is also very important. Having the time to be able to make regular stops along the way not only helps break up the monotony of driving, but it also allows children a chance to move around and burn off some energy. And with any luck, by following these family travel tips, your next vacation will be a great experience for the whole family.


Booking Your Vacation Online

winter vacationIt is coming to that time of year that we have all been looking forward to for many months, winter vacation time. We have managed to make it through the cold and dark, wet and windy long winter days where it is dark when we get up for work and dark when we get home from work and now it is time to look forward to some heat from the sun to warm our bones. The summer vacation market has changed a lot in the past 10 years, the way we choose our vacation, the places that we go to and what we look to do when we get there is all very different than years gone by. The main reason for this broadening of the summer vacation market has been the growth of the inter web as well as the amount of cheap airlines that are now in operation and flying to countries that previously people would not have had the option nor inclination to travel to. So with the development and widening of the holiday market what should you be looking for in you vacation this year?

Depending on what you like doing and what your family circumstances are you have no end of choice as far as a holiday goes. No civilized part of the world is out of bounds these days, barring those that are war zones and many people still choose to holiday in war torn countries. Even places like Antarctica are accessible now in what is called eco tourism where the impact to the environment is kept to a minimum but allows tourists to experience relatively untouched parts of the globe. Eco-tourism is not for everyone but it is a vacation option that was mostly un-heard of 10 years ago that is becoming more popular each year.

In many countries the inter web has radically changed to way we book our holidays, it use to be the case that straight after the January sales people would flock into the local travel agent to see what deals were available for the summer. It used to be that the earlier that you booked the better the deal that you got. The internet has done away with the need for that by allowing people to find flights, accommodation and car hire online for almost any country on earth, and this has had the effect of closing many travel agents down or making them streamline their operations inline with the market. Arranging your own holiday online could not be easier really, you get to choose the type of accommodation that you want, whether it be hotel, apartment or villa as well as choosing the location that best caters for your needs and as long as there is a flight to the local area you are all sorted.

Even some of the less traditional summer holiday locations are just as easy to book now. Emerging holiday destinations such as Croatia, Estonia and Bulgaria are as easy to book as traditional holiday destinations such as Italy, France and Spain. Many of the emerging countries offer better value summer rental accommodation than more traditional locations as well as offering a more unspoiled location with a more traditional feel about them. Summer rentals in Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia and even in Hungary are now becoming very popular as people realize that they will receive a warm welcome from very hospitable locals in a wonderful location.

Many of the emerging countries are able to offer totally unspoiled countryside as well as some magnificent hotels that take full advantage of the spectacular scenery to be had and most of these locations are within easy reach of an airport that is serviced by a low cost airline.

So this year if you have not booked your holiday yet why not look further a field and go solo and book your holiday online from start to finish. You may find a really special hotel that the main agents do not have and you will probably save yourself a bit of money as well.