Two More Things off My Bucket List

When my friends told me about one of those escape rooms that is in London, I immediately wanted to go. I had never been to one before, but I had heard about them. I do admit that I had a bit of an ego about it too because I figured that I would be able to solve any puzzle or riddle thrown my way. So many others wanted to go too, and we decided to look into a Platinum party bus rental in Toronto and see if it would be affordable if we all chipped in an even amount.

I was able to find a lot of really cool looking buses on their website. I would have liked any of them, but we only had a couple of dozen in our party. I looked at the ones that would hold 24 people, and I was impressed. I was also very excited after getting the quote and dividing it by 24 people. Even for the ones who would have to pay double because they are a part of a couple, it was still really affordable. I knew that we would be able to do it, so I was actually getting to live out two dreams at once.

Dreams might be excessive, but these were definitely two items I could cross off of my bucket list. We all met at a few different houses so we could get on the road faster. It was a fun trip there, and the escape room was fantastic. Everyone had a few laughs at my expense, but that was okay with me since I did go in with an ego that was quickly deflated. The ride back was super fun too, and there is not one person who went that did not say it was a perfect night!